The application that helps the blind to recognize the colors: “I fought with prejudice”

The application that helps the blind to recognize the colors: “I fought with prejudice”

Triumph for a painter from Cluj at the Geneva International Fair of Inventions 2019. He won a gold medal, thanks to an invention for people with visual impairments.

The Alphabet of Colors is meant to help the blind to enjoy creativity and freedom of expression. The inventor is also working on an application and hopes that the solution found by him will be implemented globally.

People who have lost their vision throughout their lives can associate geometric shapes with colors.

“We chose red for a circle because red expresses the feeling of warmth, the yellow with a rectangle, and the blue with the feeling of cold, which is represented as a square.”

The inventor of Cluj says that an application will soon be ready.

“Blinders are increasingly using technology and this QR code once scanned can give real-time audio information about the color that is.”

The Alphabet of Colors is an extension of the Braille alphabet, the writing system used by visually impaired people.

Tudor Sripor, painter and inventor: “The idea came to me 7 years ago when I worked with a blind student. My provocation was to make it understand the color emotion and not just the volumetric representation of art. It was very complicated I started from 0 and I fought with many prejudices. ”

So he began to create the alphabet of colors in geometric figures.

Tudor Scripor, painter and inventor: “Through these geometric shapes introduced into a 10-point array, virtually blind people can understand the colors. It can be learned in 5 days by the blind people who have never seen, and those who have lost sight of their lifetime and have braille knowledge can learn within 2-3 days. ”

The inventor associated with UBB researchers and hoped that the solution would be implemented globally.

Marian Padure, Department of Psycho-pedagogy, UBB: “For people with disabilities when you come, you come with very specific methods and with specific solutions, and the solution proposed by him is a solution that can be implemented. Research work is needed to prove effective. From my point of view it can be used for clothes, food or furniture. ”

Once the receptivity of the blind is tested, the color alphabet could be implemented globally.

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