How can the 5G music industry revolutionize?

How can the 5G music industry revolutionize?

5G is the most important topic of discussion at Mobile World Congress 2019.

We have 5G mobile phones available on the market, as well as solutions that promise internet connections even 10 times faster than what we use today in Romania. 5G promises us to get rid of the cables on the street. 5G is the natural step after 4G, the mobile phone network we are using now. 5G comes with download speeds over 2 Gigabytes, up to a maximum of 10. This way, networks will no longer yield to soccer matches, for example. New technology is not only for smartphones, but also for television or for communicating objects in intelligent homes. It can be used even in factories for dialogue between robots. That’s what a 5G video call shows. And no matter how much I try to explain an important difference between 4G and 5G, you can not really understand it unless it is enough to use it.

Here are some test phones that will be used in the year 2019. However, 2020s when we use them in real life will look a little thinner. But, let me show you something that they have long since. Here’s the icon. This is how the 5G icon for a mobile phone looks like. That’s how an antenna feeds a signal because there is no available license. The 5G network technologies are different from what was before, the GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G networks. We’ve always tried to improve the speed networks, but now 5G is trying to solve an even bigger problem. We have speed, but how do we have speed for many and fast. This is the challenge of this generation. Mobile phones with 5G technology are still very expensive. The modem increases the price even by 300 euros, in some cases. But that does not mean we can not get fast home speeds. Plus, thanks to 5G, we could have unlimited internet in cheaper subscriptions. No matter how hard we get the idea of ​​having 5G on the phone, before we have 5G phones, we might get such a box from the operator. This box is called CPE and can be provided by all 5G licensees, because they replace all the cables that you will have fresh at once.


From here, instead of fiber or network cable or television, you’ll have a box that will communicate with the nearby pillar or locality and bring you in-house speeds comparable to fiber. What so far was impossible through 4G technology. I had some speed there but the response time was pretty weak.

The more fun part of the 5G spectrum is that any home appliance can now be connected to the internet.

This is Balong 5000 and those from Huawei claim that it is currently the fastest 5G modem on the planet. You need such a chip in a phone, laptop, car or fridge if you want to make it 5G. And it’s not cheap. Implementation is not just the face but the whole infrastructure.

That’s why, until we do all the phones and all the equipment around us connected I have an idea, solution and looks like that. First of all, these are the CPEs for the house we do wi-fi. And when we are moving we can use such a portable hot-spot. It has a battery and a 5G modem and wi-fi around.

Even machines can be connected to 5G. In fact, the concept of “vehicle driving alone” depends on this network.

The 5G promise is not just the speed of your mobile phone but also that you can connect many devices to the internet on a small network. I’m talking about hundreds of even thousands of devices like cars, traffic lights, or even clothes, for example cars to see where the workers are. And if all of these things seem to be science fiction, let’s not forget how fast we moved from 3G to 4G and from FullHD to 4K.

5G technology can revolutionize medical industry as well. In China, for example, veterinarians have managed to operate an animal in a hospital 50 kilometers away.

The transition to 5G will be progressive through operator offers. Tests have already been carried out in our country, and by the end of the year we will have a functioning network in several cities.




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