What does Lenovo’s most powerful phone look like?

What does Lenovo’s most powerful phone look like?

At the Mobile World Congress, the largest mobility fair, launches are chained. Sony has announced new phones with cameras and cameras inspired by the cinema industry.

And Microsoft has launched a new pair of mixed-use glasses.

The most powerful Sony phone comes with an original design. It is much narrower but taller than a regular phone. It is dedicated to multimedia.

And ready with the confusion from Sony. From now on he gave up XZ in his name and XA. If you are interested in Sony’s most powerful phone you have to look after Xperia 1. It will appear somewhere at the end of this spring. You should be interested because it finally combines what I know to do best in one premium phone. I mean, the 4K Oled HDR screen is calibrated by their movie division, CineALTA.

On the back there are three lenses, all three with different focuses, and autofocus technology is taken from Sony Alpha 7.


You can shoot 4K at 24 frames per second, just like in cinema, except that the screen has a 21: 9 ratio, the problem is that you do not have much content on this format unless you shoot it yourself with your phone. ..

Sony has not yet said the price of this device. But the screen technology is expensive, so we should expect a label of at least 1000 euros. Sony also has more affordable offers, at least half the price.

The 21: 9 format is Sony’s groundbreaking theme this year. These are two budget phones, Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus, both with higher resolution than FullHD.

Both come with two lenses on the back, one normal and one with zoom for pictures. The fingerprint sensor, not on the screen, is a Qualcomm 600 series budget phone.

It’s just that you’ll have to get used to this screen’s format, it’s very tall and it’s hard to use with one hand …. Otherwise, it’s good, it’s moving well, and I’m still curious at what price it’s gonna come . Sony has not announced yet, but if it comes up to 2000 lei it could finally be a hit in Romania.

And those at Lenovo have announced a new phone with the most powerful Android mobile processor. It’s called the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT and costs $ 400 in China.


And here is the third approach for a smartphone in 2019, without a slider or hole in the screen for the room, but slide. This is what Lenovo’s most powerful phone looks like with an old-school vibe from the 90’s or early 2000s. The interesting thing is that even the speaker does not have the font. If you want to answer a one you have to do this and the slider part is interesting. He’s gonna be a tic swiftly. ”

We are now moving to other mobile technology. Microsoft launched the new HoloLens, now in its second generation.

Though we’re talking about the virtual reality that it’s coming, until it’s gonna take a shot, we can explore the mixed reality with augmented reality glasses like HoloLens. If the first generation of HoloLens was expensive and available to programmers, HoloLens 2 is available to anyone but costs $ 3,500. What do you get in this money?

Well, a pair of glasses that you can install directly on your head or helmet. And it will not hurt your throat after tens of minutes, an hour, two three battery usage times as long as you and the battery. But you will be able to see many holograms around you that will help you better bolt or put the crane where it is needed. If you’ve caught up close, it’s meant for the industrial area, the assembly area and the construction site to help specialists, the fewer and fewer on the construction site to be more efficient

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is available for pre-order, and for now it seems to be dedicated to companies only. But the first generation has been successfully used in education at the world’s largest universities.

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