A Russian journalist died suddenly in Spain. How he helped Putin’s opponent

A Russian journalist died suddenly in Spain. How he helped Putin’s opponent

Igor Malashenko, a Russian journalist and consultant, died in Spain – the official version being suicide.

Malasenko was found dead in Spain in the Algesiras region, Guardia Civil declaring the suicide the most likely cause of death, writes TASS. The Spanish authorities, however, say that they can not eliminate any hypothesis at the moment, given the sudden death of the Russian journalist. As a result, an investigation was started.

At age 64, Malashenko was advisor to Mihail Gorbachev. He became one of the most important news people after the fall of the USSR, being among the founders of NTV television station and director of Ostankino state media trust.


He then became a political consultant and coordinated in 1996 the campaign for the re-election of Boris Yeltsin to Russia.



After 2000, he moved from Russia, following the arrest of the NTV owner, living in the United States and Spain.

In 2018, Malasenko led the electoral campaign of Kseniei Sobchak, daughter of the former mayor of Leningrad, known as “Paris Hilton of Russia.” It has run for Vladimir Putin, but has obtained less than 2% of the vote.

Sobchak announced on social networks that he received the news of Malashenko’s suicide and is shocked. He seems to have had health problems in recent months after divorcing his second wife in the United States.

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