Eminem and MAchine Gun Kelly diss

Eminem and MAchine Gun Kelly diss

Eminem and a new artist called Machine Gun Kelly they wrote a diss song.

Most people know Eminem’s work, so I’m not going to love much about Eminem and who he is but for those who do not know is the king of hip hop.

The artist Machine Gun Kelly wanted to make a diss for Eminem and if everyone thought it would not be what he knew what went to the ears of the king.

The song of the machine gun kelly is called “Rap Devil” which really has a pretty popular message about Eminem and it must be taken into consideration that he is the only artist who lately had the courage to make a diss with Eminem.

But as you know a great artist like Eminem does not remain indifferent because it’s his pleasure to destroy the image of a rapper, so at the first opportunity, my opinion that a few minutes after listening to the piece of Machine Gun Kelly started to write his replica and make it in an elegant way to give him a chance to stay on the youtube screens.

If a creator such as Machine Gun Kelly would like to stay as if he was less appreciated by the world, he would have to show up with a new diss exactly the opposite of what he thought was coming.

If after such a long time since 8 Mile onwards we did not have the chance to see Eminem hanging in scandals and scams now it would be time for many artists to start provoking him.

Still personally between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly I do not think it will be a hate but we listeners are happy to listen to these wonderful dips of hip hop.

So success for all those who think they can cause Eminem to Diss and Machine Gun Kelly success in your musical projects and we’re glad you had the courage to try but I think he beat you in the first round.

Below you have both Diss.

Machine Gun Kelly “Rap Devil” (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

 Eminem KillShot Diss to Machine Gun Kelly MGK Diss

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