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Stick-weld-gas, i drilled holes in my tanked and fixed it with a steelstik. the product says it works on gas tanks, so i gave it a try. it worked well for me, and is still holding up! did you guys use this stuff .... Ive got dennis on my list of folks to call this coming week. its likely he can come up with at least the schematics (hope i dont need em). thats where i got my present lincoln tig 250/250, and have sent dozens, tig every time. dead easy to do. no time pressure to get it right. it's slow and best on thin stuff but most sets will also stick weld. gas is cheap with a lot of competition for the diy market. i've ended up with various sets for mig, tig and stick and since getting the tig have not really touched the others..

Fiberglass, steel, and aluminum production. mig, tig , and stick welding. milling and lathe work marine mechanic blue print reading working with in a budget., nov 28, 2007 6:20 pm cst does anybody wish that they were good at something ?..what ?..and why ? gillyloves69 london, greater london, england uk 1,915 threads 12 polls 10,261 posts gillyloves69 op london, greater london, england uk 10,261 posts.

Pre-flow time 0-15 *obvious post flow time 10-60 *there is a click position at the bottom that says stick weld (gas/water off) obvious frequency p.p.s .02-10 *?? pulsar (3 position) *???